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Foil Mast Our new refined aluminium foil section gives the best balance between light weight... mehr
Produktinformationen "North Sonar Foil Mast"

Foil Mast

  • Our new refined aluminium foil section gives the best balance between light weight and increased strength for higher loads.
  • The AF72 Mast is 30% stiffer than the AK70 mast yet only 13% heavier, and is ideal for shallower waters, and prone surf foiling.
  • The AF85 Mast is 30% stiffer than the AK85 mast yet only 13% heavier, and it increases overall ride performance in choppy conditions.


  • Strong and light: The aluminium mast's section profile reflects an optimised balance for strength to weight ratio.
  • GeoLock Optimised Load Bearing Connection: Engineered to last, our unique GeoLock tapered geometry locking system provides a more effective load-bearing connection between the Mast and Fuselage, locking them together, so they feel like one piece. Screws engage the GeoLock while load transfer now takes place over the full cross-section of the mast profile, allowing for a more efficient load transfer and longer-lasting connection.
  • Sonar Foil Board Adaptor Sold Separately
  • Compatible with Carbon and Alloy Fuselage: Hydrodynamically-optimized shape for minimum resistance, the Sonar Alloy Fuselage is precisely CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aeronautical-grade anodised aluminium with structurally engineered connection details that are designed to last. Our new high-strength pre-preg carbon fuselage is strong, durable and corrosion resistant, and weighs ~50% less than the alloy version, with equal strength and stiffness. The shorter 600mm Fuselage improves pumpability and has a sporty feel with earlier take-offs. The forgiving longer 700mm fuselage is ideal for wing-foiling or learning to foil, offering greater stability and more control.


  • Mast Only

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